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I'm The Word 'Sexcapade', And I Just Got Added To This Spell-Check Dictionary ("McSweeney's Internet Tendency")

I was a little bit nervous about coming up here. My lifestyle doesn’t exactly lend itself well to “conventional usage standards,” and I didn’t know how I was going to handle the whole “the prepositions know their place” vibe that you guys have going on up here.

Christmas in Brooklyn ("McSweeney's Internet Tendency")

"My deeds through the year (and I do not embellish) / 

Made Mother Teresa look pretty and selfish"

I Am Not A Man ( "I Am Not a Man: A One Sort-of-Man Show", "Madcap Review")

"We were not Uncles. We were six friends who had decided to play grown-up, and we had flown too close to the sun."

What's In A Name? (Johns Hopkins' "The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review")

"Look — it isn’t as if we’re wholly unaware of the image that we present — we generally have the basic outline down. But the devil, as they say, is in the details."

 Career Aptitude Test (And Definitely Not Just Recruitment Material Sponsored By The Ocean Spray Juice Corporation ("Points in Case")

Please select the below responses that most accurately reflect your talents, preferences, and professional qualifications.

An Insider's Guide to Paris, From a Guy Who Just Spent a Long Weekend There ("Points in Case")

By loudly declaring “American!” the moment you enter an eating establishment, you’re letting the wait staff know they’re free to converse with you in your native tongue.

One Man's Early Thirties: A Brief Lamentation

And though every birthday brings with it its blessings,

Of late, it's a date that I've seen as distressing...

Remembrances of A Reluctant Salon Guy ("I Am Not a Man: A One-Sort-of-Man Show")

"Things have changed. I have changed. I'm a Salon Guy now."

I Can't Be The Gay Best Friend You Want Me To Be

"I just get the feeling that you want something different out of this relationship than I do, and I'm just not the gay guy to give it to you."

 An  Imagined Monologue From the Disappointed Editor of Penthouse Forum ("Splitsider")

"The gold standard in literary erotica and you come to me with this tripe!"

The Hole In The Woods

"When I was thirteen years old, all I had was the 'Nightwear' section of my mother's JC Penny catalog..." 

The Gutter Ball Incident ( "I Am Not A Man: A One-Sort-of-Man Show")

"And then you watch Professional Bowling. And then you believe again."



Sad Apple – “Sad Men and the People Who Love Them” – The People’s Improv Theater, NYC

   Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, and Johnny Appleseed walk into a bar…

American Bandstand – “Sad Men and the People Who Love Them” – The People’s Improv Theater, NYC

  Forty-two year old Dennis O’Leary makes his first appearance on American Bandstand.

Forced Triple – “Sad Men and the People Who Love Them” – The People’s Improv Theater, NYC

  Two freshmen meet their third roommate in Dennis O’Leary’s second appearance…

Founding Harvard – “Company 29 Presents: College!” – Magnet Theater, NYC

  The real history behind the founding of America’s most storied institution of higher learning.

Sad Strippers – “Sad Men and the People Who Love Them” – The People’s Improv Theater, NYC

  A night out at Excalibur’s, the Tallahassee region’s Number Three All-Male Dance Revue and Sex-perience.

Ricky The Swing – “Company 29 Presents: America!” – Magnet Theater, NY

  Minor-league legend Ricky “The Swing” Lombardo returns to the game one last time...

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – “Company 29 Presents: Rock and Roll!” – Magnet Theater, NY

  For anyone who’s ever wondered what happened to the lead singer of Deep Blue Something…

The Real Rudy – “Company 29 Presents: PS 2012” – Magnet Theater, NY

  When heart just isn’t enough…

In The College Papers – “Sad Men and the People Who Love Them” – The People’s Improv Theater, NYC

  NY1's Pat Kiernan finally reaches his breaking point…

Public School Teachers – “Company 29 Presents: PS2012” – Magnet Theater, NYC

  Because not ALL teachers are heroes…

Occupy Wall Street – “Alchemy” – Magnet Theater, NYC

  The downside of an all-inclusive political movement…